Thrive’s annual report looks at leadership hiring and compensation compensation benchmarks in 2022.

Throughout the year, we saw a rapid decline in leadership hiring—with search volume declining by 43% in Q4 from Q1, a huge contrast to 2021. Through an economic cool off, companies pivoted in 2022 from a focus on growth-at-all-cost to efficient, sustainable growth–creating demand contraction. We quantify what all this means for our industry.

The report summarizes key leadership hiring metrics, broken down by role, company size, and asset class, as well as YoY data on how public and private market performance impacted leadership hiring how VC leadership hiring compared to PE leadership hiring.

Download our full report to explore: 

  • YoY and QoQ search volume trends
  • QoQ search velocity changes
  • Executive compensation benchmarks by asset class, company size, and role

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