The early stage of 2022 has put larger economic factors and geopolitical conflicts in the spotlight, raising a big question mark around the overall impact on valuations, growth, and leadership hiring.

Our latest report, the Q1 2022 Executive Search Report, provides up-to-date numbers on compensation by function, industry, size, and asset class. Given the market conditions of late, it’s a timely reflection of current market trends, and we’re excited to share it.

You’ll need to download the full report to access those numbers, but here are three takeaways to get you started:

  • Search volume is ticking up in Q1 2022 as capacity starts freeing up
  • The race is still on to close candidates fast, though it’s still taking a long time to identify the right candidates
  • If you’re a sales leader, timing is right to be in your position in terms of both compensation and open search volume.
 Download your free copy of the report today.