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For a second consecutive quarter in Q3 2022, leadership hiring has decreased as public and private market conditions worsened. Macro-dynamics are creating a rough outlook for leadership hiring, where volume has not been this low since Q4 2020.

Our latest report, the Q3 2022 Executive Search Report, dives into current macrodynamics and provides up-to-date numbers on compensation by function, size, and asset class. Given the market conditions of late, it’s a timely reflection of current market trends, and we’re excited to share it.

You’ll need to download the full report to access those numbers, but here are three takeaways to get you started:

  • Last quarter, newly opened executive roles were down 18% compared to last quarter
  • Growth-oriented roles, like HR, Marketing, and Product have been impacted the most
  • PE is the asset class seeing the highest increase in compensation in Q3 ‘22 vs Q3 ‘21, with base compensation up 25% and OTE up 35%.
 Download your free copy of the report today.