What started as industry chatter a few months ago is now confirmed in all the data: Executive compensation is up.

The global figures don’t reflect the level of comp inflation that some talent leaders have felt, though, which means the market rebound likely feels bigger than it really is. Need proof?

Our latest report, the Q2 2021 Executive Search Report, provides up-to-date numbers on compensation by function, industry and size—as well as historical trends. Given the market fluctuations of late, it’s a timely benchmark on the subject, and we’re excited to share it.

You’ll need to download the full report to access those numbers, but here are three takeaways to get you started:

  • VC-backed comp is moving. VC-backed companies are outpacing public and PE-owned companies on compensation growth right now.
  • It’s good to be an engineer. Engineering, marketing and HR roles are trending significantly higher than the average growth rate with CEO and CFO roles slightly higher than the average.
  • Location matters. Companies seem to be valuing in-state hires over out-of-state hires, as they’re now a more expensive hire to make.
Download your free copy of the report today.

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